graben | wischen | Feder _harsh_version 2021

E-Zither-Trio & Live-Elektronik

für das Trio Greifer

Dauer: ~11'

UA Stuttgart (D)
ECLAT Festival Neue Musik | Musik der Jahrhunderte

/ gestreamt aus dem Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Trio Greifer: Reinhilde Gamper / Leopold Hurt / Martin Mallaun, E-Zithern

aus dem Programmtext
"graben / wischen / Feder" (2017/2020) was first written as a solo piece for Martin Mallaun. The piece unfolds a processual development and finally flows into a three-layered model, reduced-minimalistic and related to harmonic overtones, on a scordated instrument. Great precision is demanded of the soloist, a bit of a swing feel as well, as you may say, in order to present the three layers accurately in time but independently.
In the trio version, two more zithers now support this progression, flanking it, while the live electronics, starting from the signal of the solo voice, enrich and besiege the instrumental action with additional generative layers. What does interest me the most about this are the moments when the very simply and analytically composed instrumental voices are reshaped and absorbed by coarse, sometimes drone-like or tiniest sound shapes, momentarily going astray."


Martin Mallaun (E-Zither)