blue shift / lamento

Bilder (C) conTempOhr (Uni Salzburg)

blue shift / lamento

4 oder 8 chn fixed media audiotrack

Dauer: 16'

The piece deals with the Doppler-Effect, named after the astronomer and physicist Christian Doppler, it is used in (non-invasive) medical diagnostics, for example, to visualize the flow direction of blood (ultrasound examinations), one speaks in this context of Color-Doppler, Red here means flow in the direction of the sound probe (acc.), while blue indicates that the blood flows away from the probe (rit.), so: blue = ritartando, translated to the frequency domain: lamento.

The piece stages (with rhythmic / percussive simple material) a long slowing down process - a FALL:

starting with phase shifts that become rhythmic deviations of a pulse, gradually building up fractal rhythmic layers.
this process culminates in a Shepard-rhythm and is finally "distended" (by microscopy / granular synthesis).

lamento, in this context, I understand as an immersion into the microstructures of a simple percussive figure.

All is developed in the SuperCollider audio programming environment.
(Shepard-Rhythm implementation based on Dan Stowell's work).

sweet spot #3 FALLEN
Atelier im Kunstquartier, Salzburg
9. 1. 2018



Audio (Stereomix)