touching moments

touching moments

Duration: ca. 15 mins.
for Alto-Flute, Tenor-Recorder, Harp, Harpsichord & generative Soundscape

The pandemic has redefined the concepts of touch, encounter and contact, radically shifting them into realms of digitally mediated intimacies and spheres of affect. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) was one of the most popular search terms on adult websites. Intimacy here is primarily aurally mediated, as affiliative behaviors (mediated attention or feigned intimacies such as hugging, caressing, touching, breathing and whispering).

touching moments refers to this figure of touch.

Very close pre-recorded sounds of the performers in touching contact with their instruments combine with sampled ASMR sounds from various works and merge into a generative soundscape.

At the same time, chains of grace-notes, which each player is asked to perform as quickly as possible, addressing impossible forms of being together or in sync, as a form of actual authentic touch.

commissioned by airborne extended

PRISM – ein multidisziplinäres Konzertformat im Spannungsfeld Musik- Elektronik-Objekte-Performance-neue Medien
KONZERT VII - touching moments

airborne extended
Elena Gabbrielli, Flöten
Sonja Leipold, Cembalo
Caroline Mayrhofer, Blockflöten/Paetzold
Tina Žerdin, Harfe
Alisa Kobzar, Klangregie

this piece is based on the concept
Sometimes i open my eyes to make sure you‘re not beside for real 2020,
a 24/7 radio-streamed generative soundscape, not realized -
Excerpt (Sketch).