THEY ARE (for david tudor)

THEY ARE (for david tudor)

Performance (Animated Score, Musicians, Electronics)

commissioned by mdm - Museum der Moderne Salzburg
for the exhibition Teasing Chaos - David Tudor

Duration 4 hours
October 2nd, 2021, 21:00-01:00
Lange Nacht der Museen 2021

the composition
is the thing seen by everyone living
in the living they are doing
they are the composition of the composition
that at the time they are living
is the composition of the time in which they are living it is that that makes living a thing they are doing nothing else is different
of that almost anyone can be certain
the time when and the time of and the time in that composition
is the natural phenomena of that composition and of that perhaps everyone can be certain
(Gertrude Stein)

Concept/Piano: Marino Formenti
Viola: Ruth Kemna
Cello: Valerie Fritz
E-Organ/Klavichord: Alexander Bauer
Percussion: Aaron Grünwald
Electronics/Visuals: Marco Döttlinger