lichtung | eigenleben

(C) sem, mdm & Eung-Gu Kim

lichtung | eigenleben

Installation (computer-controlled prepared Piano, Audiotrack)

commissioned by mdm - Museum der Moderne Salzburg
for the exhibition Teasing Chaos - David Tudor

Duration 45 minutes (loop)
July 3, 2021—February 13, 2022 permanent installation

Duration 50 minutes
July 18, 2021, 15:00
(one of the opening Events of Salzburg Festival 2021)

NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg
Anna Lindenbaum (Viola) & Leo Morello (Cello)

About the exhibition (curated by Christina Penetsdorfer):

Teasing Chaos. David Tudor is the first presentation of David Tudor’s groundbreaking achievements in the field of live electronics and his interdisciplinary projects. The exhibition presents a selection of Tudor’s collaborative works, archival materials, video and audio recordings, expanding the narrative of Tudor as interpreter and pianist and, in terms of reception history, closing a gap in the perception of this remarkable artist. The exhibition is produced in close cooperation with the collective Composers Inside Electronics (CIE), founded by Tudor.