the lost ones

(C) Wolfgang Kirchner

(C) Markus Grüner-Musil

the lost ones

Performance / Musicians / Live-Video / Live Electronics

The lost ones is a concert performance, a hybrid of music / sound / movement / video and tries an aesthetic transposition of a short prose text by Samuel Beckett (1970, orig. Le dépeupleur, dt. Der Verwaiser or in the English translation The lost ones).

In this short prose text, "the narrator" describes a dystopian social space, the barren interior of a cone, filled with busy, ambitious but also rigid "bodies", with clear rules and hierarchical processes - one could very simply speak of an allegory that shows in a strong condensed and abstract form the absurdity of a late (post-) capitalist world.

Descriptively, Beckett developed a social structure of end-time bodies, which are resigned or driven, determined by myths or religious / metaphysical ideas, looking for a mode of transgression, eliminating the need to carry on without meaning.

Starting from a performer on the floor who physically expresses the situational conditions of the text, a virtual image tableau is gradually developed, full of body-stories from Beckett's cone.

As Vergil leads Dante up the steep slope of the lower mountain, they hear the ironic voice of Belacqua nearby:
Dante Alighieri: Devine Comedy, Purgatorio 4.98-99)

Forse, che di sedere in pria avrai distretta!
Perhaps you will be obliged to sit before then!

Musicians: NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg
Anna Lindenbaum, Marina Iglesias Gonzalo, Marco Sala, Alexander Bauer

Performer: Anna Bárbara Bonatto
Composition / (Live-) Electronics: Marco Döttlinger
Live-Video: Patrik Lechner
Artistic Advisor: Donald Beteille
Director: Markus Grüner-Musil
Concept / Idea: Marco Döttlinger

Film Realisation: Feikind Filmproduktion /

Cut: Fabian Schober / Director: Philipp Slaboch, Markus Grüner-Musil
Camera: Philipp Slaboch, Fabian Schober, David Weise
Production: David Weise / Coloring: Philipp Slaboch

DURATION about 25 minutes
PREMIERE March 04, 2021 / Aspekte Festival Salzburg 2021

Program-Note (DE)
Festival-Leporello (Aspekte 2020)
postponed to 2021 / 04 03 2021

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